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BNT International Pte Ltd specializes in supplying a full range of cable support system products such as Express Strut Channels and Sampag Anchor Channels, and has a strong market existence in providing materials to a diversity of construction sites and buildings, such as; Semi-Conductor Factories, Sewage Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Power Stations,MRT,LRT,Petro-Chemical Plants, Data Centers, Airport Passenger Terminal, Solar Energy Plants,Hospitals,Commercial Buildings as well as Residential Building Projects. In recognition of the fine quality of the products, BNT International Pte Ltd has acquired the trade mark patent for Express Strut in Singapore and Hong Kong. In 1990, our company Anchor Engineering Company Ltd in Hong Kong has been in the Cable Support Systems and Cast-In Anchor Channel business. Formerly known as Anchor Building Materials Pte Ltd and first founded in Singapore in 1996, the company has a long history in being a supplier of cable support systems in Singapore, Malaysia and in Hong Kong. In order to cope with the continuous market expansion and surging demand of materials, the company was renamed to BNT International in 2011. For decades, the company has not only reformed its position as a supplier but as a manufacturer for smoother collaboration with the building sectors. In future, BNT International Pte Ltd will continuously look into venturing into the international market with comprehensive and efficient services.


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