Sampag Channel

Sampag anchor channels consist of c-shaped sections of varied capacity for diverse fastening applications. When cast into concrete or secured to structures, they can support load points of up to 35.0 kN. Fixing to channel is made with tee-headed bolts that can be inserted into the slot and moved freely along the channel length to fixing positions.

This particular feature offers high fixing flexibility and compensates for tolerance variations when it comes to construction of secondary building systems, e.g. curtain-walls, façade claddings, building services etc.

And because channel units can support multiple loads at close spacing, and that they do not generate expansive forces in the concrete, fixings can be at close centers and located closer to the edges than is possible with conventional anchors.

In short, fastening by anchor channel is convenient and cost effective. Its application facilitates the installation process, and eliminates the need for sophisticated tooling and operation.

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